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Driving Fear Out of the Workplace


The Dynamics of Fear
1. The Experience of Fear
2. Cycles of Mistrust
3. Defining a Trust-Based Workplace

How Fear Operates in Organizations
4. Patterns of Threat, Triggers of Mistrust
5. Undiscussables: Secrets That
Everyone Knows
6. The Repercussions of Speaking Up
7. The High Cost of Fear

Strategies for Building a High-Trust Workplace

8. Acknowledge the Presence of Fear

9. Pay Attention to Interpersonal Conduct

10. Value Criticism: Reward the Messenger

11. Reduce Ambiguous Behavior

12. Discuss the Undiscussables

13. Collaborate on Decisions

14. Challenge Worst-Case Thinking


A Future of Trust

15. In the Midst of Change

16. People Are Ready for a Workplace Without Fear

The Courageous Messenger


Everyday Acts of Courage

1. Welcome to This Book

2. Courageous Messengers

3. Messengers and Tough News

4. Becoming a Skilled Messenger


Finding the Courage

5. Courage Is an Inside Job

6. Know Your True Message

7. Know Your Real Motivation

8. Assess Your Risk

9. Understand Your Yes-Buts

10. Make a Decision


Acting with Courage

11. Get Ready for the Conversation

12. Open the Conversation

13. Present Your Message and Motivation

14. Talk About Your Message with Your Receiver

15. Wrap Up the Conversation

16. Follow ThroughThe Tough Cases

17. Do You Have a Tough Case?

18. Get Ready for a Tough Case

19. Talk with Your Receiver in a Tough Case

Sustaining the Courage

20. How Did It Go? What Did You Learn?

21. The Messenger's Transformation

22. Changing the Organization by Speaking Up


The Messenger's Tool Box

Personal Exercises

Basic Communications Skills

When You Are the Receiver of Tough News

When You Cannot Deliver Your Message in Person

Summary of Tips for Messengers


These videos support leaders who want to grow by learning more about their own blind spots and acting on that self-knowledge. The first in this sequence answers the question, "What is a blind spot?" The second describes relevant skills and the kind of feedback needed to overcome leadership blind spots. The third identifies eight action principles that enables a leader to get the feedback needed and make the best use of it. The total run time for all three videos is just over 33 minutes.


Grasps the Culture • A Change Agent • A Great Coach 

“Dan has developed and facilitated some great material for our leadership. Surveys of the leadership work done by Dan have scored the highest over seven other leadership events. He is awesome to work with, quickly grasps the culture and behavioral attributes in the organization and he is able to fully integrate and connect his material to the aspects of the culture and behavior you want strengthened or diminished. He is a change agent and can and does extend challenging questions to conversations that skirt the hard issues. Additionally, Dan is a great coach, is empathic yet able to hold you accountable. If you're looking for leadership development, a change agent, coach or OD consulting work Dan is the person to call.” 

— Bev Banks Director of Learning & Development, PEMCO Insurance, Seattle WA 

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